Shareholder/investor engagement

Shareholder and investor engagement comprises all the ways by which shareholders can communicate their views to the board and by which the board can communicate their perspectives to shareholders. It includes, but goes beyond, a company’s continuous disclosure and reporting obligations.

A proactive and well-planned shareholder engagement strategy can be an effective tool to help foster relationships, enhance transparency and hear from shareholders firsthand. Effective shareholder engagement can increase shareholders’ understanding of board’s decisions and build shareholder trust and goodwill, ultimately helping to improve the company’s resilience.

From a market disclosure and risk management perspective, it is also crucial that all forms of shareholder communications are planned, issued and recorded properly.

Mertons can help you:

  • identify shareholder groups and carry out shareholder and investor research
  • establish a comprehensive shareholder and investor relations program
  • plan and implement strategic shareholder communications and briefings
  • establish disclosure policies, protocols and processes
  • establish a disclosure register and record all shareholder and market communications

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